Special Services

Long Hill Township Public Schools
Office of Special Services
Child Study Team
91 Northfield Road
Millington, NJ 07946
P: (908) 647-1202
F: (908) 604-9316

The Long Hill Township School Districts Child Study Team consists of highly skilled professionals including two Learning Disability Teacher Consultants, one School Social Worker, and one School Psychologist.The team is supervised by a Consultant-Director of Special Services.

Consultant Director of Special Services
Fraida Yavelberg x2228

Learning Disability Teacher Consultants
Laura Novak x2234
Catherine Tedesco x2229

School Social Worker
Danielle DeVivox2231

School Psychologist
Jocelyn Merrittx2230

Administrative Assistants

Dena Wells x2227
Colleen Pepe x2226

How To Request A Child Study Team Evaluation
A parent or guardian of a child in the district may request a referral to the Child Study Team for an evaluation for special education and related services by sending a letter to the Consultant-Director of Special Services.In the letter, please state your child's name, date of birth, a daytime number you may be contacted at and your reasoning for requesting the Child Study Team Evaluation.The letter must have your original signature.E-mailed and faxed letters are not accepted. If your child is younger than 3 years of age, and you believe your child may require special education and related services, please contact Early Intervention Services.

Early Intervention Services
Contact Information:

When a teacher identifies a student who is having educational difficulties, and the interventions recommended by the Intervention and Referral Services (IRS) have not been successful, the student may be referred to the Child Study Team for an evaluation.
The Child Study Team, referring teacher, and when necessary other related service providers (i.e. occupational therapist, physical therapist, speech language therapist) will meet with the childs parents to discuss concerns, and determine whether a child study team evaluation is warranted.If an evaluation is deemed appropriate, a plan will be developed to determine the nature and scope of the evaluations.

Development of an Individualized Education Plan Once evaluations are completed, an eligibility meeting will be held to discuss whether the student meets eligibility criteria, delineated within the NJ Administrative Code.If the student meets criteria for special education and related services, an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) will be developed for the student, and this program will be reviewed annually. Special education services are designed to provide learning in the least restrictive environment and include a variety of placement options. Specialized educational placements are designed to meet a students individual needs.A variety of educational settings are available within the Long Hill Township School District including language-learning disabled programs, resource replacement, and in class resource support within the general education classroom.Additionally, related services are available to those students who qualify including Speech-Language therapy, Occupational therapy, Physical therapy, and Counseling.

For further information Please refer to the NJ Special Education Code http://www.state.nj.us/education/code/current/title6a/chap14.pdf
Parental Rights in Special Education (PRISE), Revised in December 2015

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The Long Hill Ledger tab provides copies of past and present newsletters created by the District Counselor, School Social Worker and School Psychologist. Each newsletter provides strategies, tools, and useful information for parents related to their child's academic, social, and emotional functioning.